Here’s what our parents have to say!!!

“My son loves his yoga classes with Gem. Seeing him at home “instruct classes” for his younger brother always amazes me and how many poses he’s learnt and remembers. As well as improving his core strength and balance, I love that he has a chance to “be still” each week, and he always comes home with interesting animal/nature facts!”

Briony – Dec 2018


“Just a thank you so much for bringing Yoga to Kildare. I cannot tell you how much better Jagger sleeps and how much more centered she is. I know that its impossible to center a 4 year old but I can tell you that on her yoga days shes “more present and calm”at home. She loves giving the family a demonstration at supper time and my favorite is still the sticky octopus with tentacles stuck to the floor. We giggle each time she does it. She adores you and seems to have come out of her shell since starting the class.

Once again many thanks
I hope that we will see you at her play school next year.”

Kate Cameron – Aug 2017


“My son (4) loves yoga with Gem. He loves the themed postures, activities and sounds that are age appropriate and relevant. He can’t wait to line up all the members of our family to teach each of us the new moves each week!

Lucy – Aug 2017


“Bradley absolutely loved his classes with you whilst at the Hill. I must say we were at first a bit hesitant and didn’t really think it would interest him, as we thought it didn’t have enough “rough and tumble” for him. But we could not believe how much he enjoyed learning about his body, breathing and all the different yoga poses you taught him. As a family, we firmly believe that the children of today do not do enough of this type of thing. We believe that yoga not only enhances his physical wellbeing, teaching him body awareness, good posture and core strength, but it also teaches them calmness and relaxation techniques that will benefit him in the future. We certainly saw all these benefits in Brad and would most certainly recommend you to anyone willing to give their children the gift of learning Yoga with you.”

Samantha Chamberlain – Aug 2017


“I keep thinking of your yoga class from yesterday. So beautiful and peaceful and we are blessed to have you share your gifts with our little people at The Hill. Thank you.”

Jan Murray-Knobbs, Head at The Hill Pre Primary – May 2017


I feel so grateful to GemYoga that my daughter can start the yoga classes from early age. Yoga teaches her not just about physical balance, strengths, ability to breathe deeply but also about emotional balance, embracing yourself and concentration. Gem is such a positive and enthusiastic teacher. My daughter absolutely adores both yoga and Gem. So now we regularly have our family & toys yoga class at home. And we love it!

Dzvinka Haw – May 2017


“Thanks Gem, Alayna told us yoga is the best and is insisting on doing it. She said she will give up her other extra murals to do it, even though she already does 3.”

Shakira Hansrod – May 2017


“Anna Loved, Loved, Loved the class, which makes me so happy, as I want her to have positive experiences doing physical things.

Thank you for your  positive spirit and the love that you share so generously-Anna responds to that more than anything else and could not have enjoyed the class that much otherwise. We’re already looking forward to next week.”

Karla Cilliers – Nov 2014


“In the few months my three-and-a-half-year old son has been attending Yoga Wise classes, he has started learning the foundations of yoga stretches and poses, in a fun, imaginative way.
A fine balance between action and fun, and quieter inner focus – offering a refreshing spin on traditional purely action-based classes and teaching valuable life skills. ”

Bronwen Mekler -Dec 2014


“My three children (3,5 and 14) have joined the weekly class and are loving every minute of it. Afterwards I get shown all of the poses!”

Lauren Hugo – 10 October 2014


“All I have heard the entire day is what a wonderful teacher you are and how badly they want to do it, so thank you so much for that and for making it such a positive experience for them”.

“You won’t believe it, Meli was busy in the lounge now showing us the yoga poses and going through all the names and what he learnt today! He says his spine feels better and straighter than it has in a long time and that his tummy muscles feel worked!”

Rene Bruno


“Tegan LOVED (capitals!) the yoga class and definitely wants to come back. She really loved it and afterwards told the teacher “thank you for inspiring me to be a better person” (!!).

Amanda Begg



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