Benefits of yoga for children:

• Allows creative expression
• Increases self-confidence and self-esteem
• Enhances neurological development through movement
• Increases concentration, calmness and ability to relax
• Enhances body awareness
• Fosters compassion, cooperation and connection with peers
• Increases flexibility, balance, focus, strength and coordination
• Promotes deeper connection with inner self
• Increases muscle tone for children with special needs
• Reduces anxiety and aggression with a healthy outlet for expression of energy


These classes aim to give kids and young adults the tools to take these techniques from the mat to their daily lives. These skills enable them to make informed, healthy choices and deal with everyday life with ease and confidence in being themselves.

The classes are unique and engaging that develop students mental, physical and emotional health…We teach Mindfulness to the children: Mindfulness helps children create a positive outlook, focus, manage stress and anxiety, understand their bodies, relax, calm, soothe and self-regulate emotions.




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